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Sopot Winery from Skopje

Winery Chateau Sopot is one of the most picturesque wineries in Macedonia, located in the heart of Veles wine region, close to the highway that connects Skopje and Veles. It's a relatively new boutique winery, founded in 2006, with a concession of 30 years on 100 hectares of vineyard, with four types of grapes (Chardonnay, Riesling, Temjanika, Cabernet Sauvignon).

One day tour to Nis, Serbia from Skopje

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Niš is a history lovers paradise – every corner of the city showing traces of bygone eras. The friendly, welcoming locals will delight in sharing their knowledge of the city with you.Previously named Naissus – the nymph’s city – by the Celts, it’s strategically important location at the crossroads between East and West means it has always been a favorite stronghold of great rulers. However, it was in fact during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great, that this city was transformed into an important trade center for the Roman Empire.

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